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African Americans In Mississippi Fight Back

 “Mississippi’s Low-Life, Underhanded, lazy Moocher African Americans Acting Uppity Again”

No, I haven’t seen this headline – yet – but there’s still time.  I’ll listen to Rush later today to keep you abreast of the latest right wing “Breaking News.”  

I find it ironic that this week is the 50th anniversary of the murders of Michael Schwerner, James Chaney and Andrew Goodman – all working in Mississippi that summer of 1964 to register African Americans to vote – and Tuesday that effort paid off handsomely in spades! (Apologies where required.) 

Thwarting Tea Party darling Chris McDaniel’s bid to become Mississippi’s Republican Senate candidate, it’s now clear that it was the increase in voter turnout among Mississippi’s African American community that secured the nomination for incumbent Thad Cochran.   And, make no mistake about it, Mississippi’s African Americans understand fully that it’s not in their own best interests that a Republican represent them in the Senate.  But in a state t…

Listening to the radio or watching television over the past few years, one would think that the American public has turned from a more or less middle-of-the-road, cooperative, equality and fairness boosting society into an isolationist, narrow minded and supremely bigoted group of selfish bullies who care about nothing and no one who doesn’t share their view of the world; or their income level.  This view of America is even more starkly illustrated on those conservative online web sites, news outlets and blogs.  

So it came as somewhat of a surprise to me that the latest NBC/Wall Street Journal (NBC/WSJ) poll tells a very different story.  In our more rational moments, when we are not being bombarded with the latest Obama “scandal,” the dire consequences for the continued existence of the USA for not invading Syria and not re-invading Iraq, or the industry destroying EPA regulations that threaten to wipe out approximately 226,000,000 domestic jobs, (the n…

One Man's Sensible Analysis Of Right Wing Terror

Lately I've taken to reading Juan Coles' articles on "Informed Comment" ( a blog dealing mainly - but not exclusively - with Middle Eastern issues.  I find his posts thoughtful and informative.  The following is a reply to a post yesterday of Juan's entitled "Top 3 White Terrorist Attacks in America this Week." (You can read the article here:
I was impressed with GrumpyWithoutCoffee's reply: clear, concise and lucid.  

GrumpyWithoutCoffee2014.06.10 08:50
And the band played on . . . This has been going on for years. Remember Oklahoma City? And all the assassinations of abortion providers? And the beating to death of gay men? And the attempted assassination of congresswoman Gifford? And bringing guns to town halls and rallies to menace and intimidate, esp. during the Obamacare debates? And, and, and . . . ? This is no longer legitimate or legal freedom of expression – …


There is a narrow passage at the side my house that serves as a pathway from the sidewalk to my backyard since there is no alley at the rear of my place.This 28 inch wide passage (Yes, I’ve measured it!) also serves a row of six townhouses that front on 7th Street since they back onto the side of my house and access to their small rear patios is through the same path. This is also “trashcan alley” the path by which one hypothetically rolls one’s trash receptacles out to the sidewalk and retrieves them when empty. Now I have to say that the not-so-bad-looking older guy – about my age - at the end of the passage is very dutiful about rolling out his green (trash) and blue (recyclables) receptacles each Sunday evening for the Monday morning pick up.(Parenthetically, I suspect the guy is a homophobe given that my two or three attempts to engage him in neighborly conversation when I first moved in were meet with icy silence.Too bad really. Maybe he’d seen my partner and me “frolicking” nak…

I Reprint In Full An "Informed Comment" Reply To An Article About POW Bergdahl

JTMcPhee2014.06.03 10:14 “six U.S. soldiers were killed during the searches…” Well, we’re into Scandal-land, now aren’t we, where the broad view and what, proportionality and balance and all that, go out the window as the yapping dogs of DC get their sharp little puppy teeth into another boot from the mud room. How many “US soldiers” (and British and French and Canadian and those other Willing Coalition units) were killed kicking in doors in Kandahar and Wardak, those places that their officers assured them (before zipping back to rear areas) would be where they would earn their place in history by “defeating the enemy” and “winning this war?” No hit on you, Jack, you are just reporting what’s been said, but Pat Tillman died on one of a practically uncountable (because buried deep by the System) number of idiotic “missions.”( One hint: Obama, and the machine he represents, could care less if you support him/them or not.) How in hell does even “defeating (now reduced to “weakening”) th…