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Have We Waited Too Long? 
Watching the news or listening to Rush over the past five years, one would think that the Right Wingers and the Tea Party, their Congressional allies, big money cohorts and media enablers have some divine right to re-create an America in their own image based on their repressive beliefs and ideals.That their way, fascist as it might be, is the ONLY WAY to rescue America from decline, to right the wrong path we’re headed down, to re-make our society into a robust, just and fair one.Well I’m here to say to Rush, Glenn, Sean and every single Tea Bagger in the land: BULLSHIT!Just Plain Old Fashioned Bullshit!No Tea Partier, no right winger, no conservative pundit has any more right to “change” America than you or me.And it’s about time we let them know how sick and tired we are of their ignorant, racist, bigoted, fact-absent, un-scientific, fundamentalist version of America that they seem so desperate to foist on us. In fact, it’s about time we shout loudly in mil…


Washington’s Visitor Friendliness
Washington, D.C. by most accounts is America’s gayest city.    It’s also, according to many tourists, America’s friendliest city.  Is there a connection between the two?  While I would love to show that there is a statistically significant correlation between gayness and friendliness here in the nation’s capital, I’ve not found any data to confirm that theory.  Could it also be because DC is the most liberal city in the country?  Who knows?  Of course if I were a Tea Bagger I wouldn’t need any supporting facts or corroborating data but being, as I am, someone who actually believes in science, hungers for factual information in the age of Rush, and have a penchant for relying on personal experience to form my views rather than Biblical passages, I’m not inclined to engage in specious speculation over this issue.  
But I digress.  It’s the start of the tourist season here in your Nation’s Capital, the time of year when troops of Boy Scouts by the thousand…