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Why 2014 Mid-Term Elections Matter or The Latest Right Wing Outrage Chapter
Perhaps you, like me, don’t quite understand what all the outrage is over the Bureau of Land Management’s (BLM) actions against Cliven Bundy who was grazing his cows on Federal lands for twenty years and neglected to pay the required government fees.   I mean at all the National Parks I’ve visited I’ve had to pony up a fee just to get in and as far as I can recall the fee didn’t cover any edibles.  But, of course, it’s virtually impossible to predict where the Tea Party and Right Winger’s focus will be on any given issue on any given day.  
The Feds rounded up about 400 of the Bundy's cows and herded them off which activity generating about 1,000 “Constitutional Rights” demonstrators and militia members.   They have since been returned. (The cows. I’m assuming the Constitutional Blatherers returned wherever they came from too.)   But Bundy claims that the land isn’t owned by the Federal Government;  in fact, i…


Just returned last week from what has become my annual winter stay in India.Friend of mine (actually my divorce attorney, but that’s for another post) asked me why I spent time there.My reply?BECAUSE IT’S CHEAPER!To wit, I can live for at least a month on the money I spend on groceries in a week here in DC.(At Safeway, definitely not Harris Teeter and, God forbid, not Whole Foods.) This amount also includes dinners out a couple-three times a week in India.Then there’s the $200 a month rent for a house in Kochi’s best neighborhood which is about 10% of my Capitol Hill rent.Plus my drugs cost about 10% of what I pay here.(E.G. Viagra: US - $6.00/tab; India – $0.65 a tab.) So, there you go.
Somehow I feel as if I owe all my DC friends an apology.While I was basking in warm, tropical splendor (85 degrees F - 30 C) apparently DC was in the grip of some Devil Vortex (and here I thought this term referred to Rush) that came down from the Artic just to play with y’all for a few months.So as a …

Shoving The Gay Agenda Down Right Wingers’ Throats

How many times have you seen this epithet used in print and television news reports?Heard it hurled against pro-gay demonstrators?Read it in the comments sections of online news stories?On Fox News? And don’t even ask how many times Rush, Sean, Glenn, Sarah and Michele have spouted this handy-dandy phrase as they go about their daily business.(Well in the case of Sarah I’m not quite sure what this lovely lady’s daily business is these days.But later for that.)And don’t get me started on the American Family Association and Tony Perkins.For him and his “Christian” organization there are quite a number of objects that I would love to shove down his and their collective Christian throats, none, however, attached to my precious body even though I am distinctly aware of the possibilities!
When you think about it, the imagery of “shoving the gay agenda down peoples’ throats” is quite intriguing really.I mean, is the agenda printed on ordinary 20 lb., 8 ½ “ by 11” matt or semi-gloss copy paper…


The U.S. ranks 50th in erection length