The Humane Society: A Domestic Terrorist Organization?

"The Humane Society of the United State’s goal is to destroy animal agriculture and force everyone to become either vegetarian or vegan.

Florida and Minnesota state houses pass legislation making it illegal to record anything inside an animal production facility.

Missouri and Nebraska legislatures introduce bills to require “quick reporting” (24 or 48 hours) of animal facility abuses and would make it a crime not to do so.

FBI Deputy Director John Lewis: “The No. 1 domestic terrorism is the eco-terrorism, animal rights movement.”"

Huh?  What the hell is going on here?  There are many more.

You might recall the hey days of the animal rights movement when PETA and the Humane Society of the United States secretly filmed animal abuses in testing laboratories and animal processing operations around the country and forced companies like Hormel, Food Lion, Smithfield and other mega-agriculture/animal processing operations to change how they raised and processed animal and animal products. 

Well apparently no more.  A recent Mother Jones article describes the latest actions of our agribusinesses and state legislatures in labeling both PETA and the Humane Society as terrorist organizations and criminalizing the “whistle blower” activities of folks who expose practices in these industries that amount to cruelty to animals.   It really is astounding.   If we continue to have more tainted food, pink slime in meat, nationwide recalls of our animal and agricultural products you can pretty much thank the same organization that bought us Stand Your Ground Laws in 30 states and a virtual muzzling of any discussion of climate change, aka “global warming,” for the past decade. 

Know whom I’m talking about?  No?  Well it’s ALEC – American Legislative Exchange Council.  If you don’t know who these “bi-partisan” folks are, look them up.  Research who sits on their Board of Directors and which states they’ve assisted in drafting all sorts of conservative laws across the country.  There’s nothing illegal, of course, about a non-profit organization assisting and advising states on legislative affairs.  But when it comes to bi-partisanship ALEC is not.  Not, unless, the definition of “bi-partisan” has been turned on its head since the last time I looked it up.

I was not a big fan of PETA.  I thought their self-righteous, holier than thou, doing God’s work attitudes were a bit much.  But then I did admire them for exposing horrendous conditions that animals – whether in testing labs or processing facilities – benefited the country since they did force companies to clean up their acts.  I guess it was the day here in Georgetown when I ran across half a dozen PETA folks haranguing (verbally abusing) an elderly women on the sidewalk for wearing a fur coat.  I thought that the lady probably purchased the coat when milk, eggs and butter were still being delivered straight from our local farmers to our houses.  I wondered if she knew that it was no longer “fashionable” to wear animal furs.   

Now, of course, I am a fan of PETA after the organization has been tagged a domestic terrorist organization and largely driven out of business. 

But the Humane Society of the United States?   The organization most known for sticking up for dogs and cats?  The guys who made spaying and neutering a de-facto requirement for animal adoption?  They too are now considered a terrorist organization by the agri-business and the meat processing industry? WTF? 

And here you and I thought that HSUS  protected animals from abuse!  How naïve were!  But no longer.  According to We Support Agriculture (why do all these nasty, radical, right wing organizations choose such innocuous names?) the Humane Society is a domestic terrorist organization, you know, like Al Qaeda or the KKK.  Bet you didn’t know that right?  Or that in Iowa, Florida and Minnesota it is illegal to visually or aurally record inside an animal facility or even to possess or distribute such recordings.  Surprised?  I was.   But, wait, there’s more.  In Missouri and Nebraska lawmakers have introduced bills that include provisions for “quick reporting” whereby anyone recording animal abuse in an agricultural or animal facility are required to turn over to the authorities evidence within 24 hours or face criminal charges themselves.  WTF?

And all of this is largely thanks to ALEC. 

“Critics say the measures [quick reporting] are a cynical warping of so-called Good Samaritan measures that require reporting child abuse or sexual assault.  Only in this case, by analogy, a teacher who later came to suspect child abuse could be prosecuted for not reporting the first bump or bruise.” WTF?

The tenor of this wholesale attack on agribusiness whistleblowers can get fairly ugly.  Here’s the text of an email sent by Tennessee state Representative Andy Hoyt to the Humane Society following passage of that state’s agricultural gag measure:

“I am extremely pleased that we were able to pass HB 1191 [since passed in the Senate] today to help protect livestock in Tennessee from suffering months of needless investigation that propagandists groups of radical animal activists, like your fraudulent and reprehensibly disgusting organization of maligned animal abuse profiteering corporatists, who are intent on using animals the same way human-traffickers use 17 year old women.  You work for a pathetic excuse for an organization who seeks to profit from animal abuse.  I am glad, as an aside, that we have limited your preferred fund-raising methods here in the sate of Tennessee; a method that I refer to as “tape and rape.’  Best wishes for the failure of your organization and it’s true intent.”

Just a tad “Orwellian” to say nothing of just plain vulgar don’t you think?    Is it any wonder then with recall after recall, scandal after scandal, expose after expose, that we seem to be headed back to the Chicago days of Upton Sinclair’s shattering expose of meat processing practices of more than a century ago:  “The Jungle?” 


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