Speeding Down the Clinton Highway

Danger Dead Ahead:
Our President is in Trouble

Remember “Trooper Gate,” “Travel Gate,” “White House File Gate,” “Paula Jones Gate,” “Jennifer Flowers Gate,” “Whitewater Gate,” “Vince Foster Murder Gate?”  No?  Come on it wasn’t THAT long ago.  (I know: we’d all like to forget!) How about Monica Lewinski?  Yes, of course!  Now you remember!  How could we forget!  Well the Republicans’ fondest memories of the Clinton Years are about to be re-edited from the “Clinton Impeachment Chronicles” and turned into the “Obama Impeachment Documentary - We Told You So!”  as a major motion picture.   And we have to stop it.   

So we have Benghazi, the IRS, Kathleen Sibelius, AP/Rosen, NSA, Verizon, etc. with here a hearing, there a hearing, everywhere a hearing going on simultaneously.  I for one don’t know how CA Representative Darrell Issa can be in some many places at the same time. Maybe they’re all taking place in adjoining TV studios. 

I have to wonder –(although I know that this “musing” is in perfect Rush Limbaugh “red baiting slander while staying on the right side of the law” style)  - I have to wonder about a man who stole cars, carried illegal weapons, burned down buildings and committed insurance fraud. This is the guy who’s leading a fraud and conspiracy investigation against the President?  Now remember this is what’s alleged.  Sure there are plenty of  files in maybe a dozen police offices around the country on the man but don’t forget he hasn’t served any jail time.  Of course, I have to wonder what kind of immoral low life this man must be to be accused of so much crime in such a short period of time.  (See? I do listen to Rush!)

Personal Note: I hold Congressman Issa in the highest contempt.  His only purpose in calling hearing after hearing, writing letter after letter, demanding unending “answers” of the Administration, threatening to cut agency budgets, threatening to subpoena Federal employees – etc. is ONLY about thwarting anything and everything the President attempts to do to improve the welfare and security of the nation.  In his “whistleblower “ Benghazi hearings not a single shred of evidence of cover up or government lying has emerged from his “truth finding” efforts.  Representative Issa wouldn’t recognize the truth if it sprang up and “intercoursed” him in the ass.  BTW: He also seems to have a constant hard on for DC residents as he continually messes around in our business.

But I digress.  Isn’t it strange how it seems that one more Democratic President’s Administration is so rife with corruption and incompetence?  Is it only me or do I detect a bit of history repeating itself?  Up until now the right wing’s labeling of Obama as a Socialist/Communist/Criminal/Liar while a tad over the top is not all that untoward in the annals of our political history.  I have to admit, though, I can’t recall any other President being called the “Anti-Christ” in my 65 years on Earth.

Oh, and let’s not forget how we all had a giant belly-laugh when Hillary complained that there seemed to be a vast right wing conspiracy out to get President Bill.  Yes, we laughed back then, didn’t we, sniggling that she was exaggerating just a tad if not a tad deranged.  Right Wing Conspiracy?  How absurd!!!   Today, of course, it might depend on what your definition of  “conspiracy” is, I suppose, but she was correct wasn’t she?

Take a moment to think back to 1998, Kenneth Starr, impeachment hearings, high crimes and misdemeanors, and all the other public “discourse” that distracted us from legitimate issues like the war in the former Yugoslavia (Bosnia), the genocide in Rwanda, embassy bombings, the Cole attack.  And I’m not defending Bill Clinton here; yes his “I did not have sexual relations with that woman” begs the definition of sexual relations and his subsequent “it depends of what the definition of “is” “is” (quotes may not be accurate) was squirrely.  But remember – this was all the result of a –forgive me for being crude – a blow job in the White House?  Unseemly? Definitely!  Worthy of impeachment?  No. It was simply Republicans out to destroy Clinton in any way possible, a giant, expensive, distracting Republican cluster-fuck, NOTHING more.  And we all got screwed. 

This is what’s about to happen to Barak Obama.  It’s happening already.  You can hear the forces being marshaled.  If you dabble at all into flaming right wing rhetorical discourse, you already know, of course, that Obama is the most criminal of Presidents in US history and that he has trashed the Constitution. Oh, and then there’s the Anti Christ thing.   All these accusations have been floating around for years but it was a couple of months after his re-election that the impeachment theme began to coalesce.  Now with the latest Benghazi, IRS, AP, National Security Agency (NSA) “eavesdropping” revelations, the right wing media machine has shifted into impeachment high gear.  We are about to be treated to a furious onslaught of even more slander, innuendo, perfect Rush style hypotheticals, and just plain outright lies about our President as the country is dragged down the Impeachment Highway.  

And while we all might have been taken in by the right wing’s Clinton attacks for a while, we ought not to give a moment’s thought to the idea that there is the smallest iota of a legitimate reason that Obama should be impeached.  Sure, should it be discovered that he was, Nixon-style, orchestrating the IRS Tea Bagger targeting from the White House I will keep an open mind.  Until then all I can say is NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! A THROUSAND TIMES NO!!!  (I say this in the face of my own disappointment in Obama who promised so much and has delivered little.  Still.)

Be that as it may, please don’t let the right wing crazies do this to Obama.  Do this to us.  Don’t fall for this crap. Raise your voice. Write your Senators and House Representatives.   Write letters to your local newspapers.  Post on Facebook.   Post comments on the internet.  Tell the Democratic Party to call these folks out.  Call into radio shows.  Don’t just say “NO!” say it LOUD AND PROUD over and over and over again.   We MUST raise our voices to be heard over the trash talk that passes for political discourse in today’s conservative controlled media.  Our future depends on it. 


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