Another Tea Bagger Travesty

Common Core Standards: A Communist Takeover In The Making

Ah!  The Tea Baggers FINALLY have a new hot button issue they can all rally round and slam Obama and liberals about: Public Education.  Ok, ok.  I want to be fair: not public education in it’s broader sense but only that part that falls within the rubric of Common Core Standards, a multi-administration, multi-state effort to get states to adopt common standards of education for math and science.  (Just a note here: No one is forcing the states to adopt “core” anythings when it comes to this bipartisan effort including the big bad Federal Government (us) who already spends an average $10,591 per pupil annually.)  No. The Common Core Standards are totally voluntary.  But you would think that based on the Tea Bagger’s vociferous protests against this somewhat benign effort some sort of national gun control standards were being forced upon the American public.  

OK, I have to say that I’ve had enough of this crap.  I’m tired of the Tea Bagging Party and their right wing henchmen having sway over public policy and imposing their dumb, idiotic, and just plain warped world views and asinine policies on the rest of us.  Hey – don’t we liberals count for anything in this country anymore?  The conservatives have had 30 years of fiddling with our public education system – vouchers, No Child Left Behind, home schooling, charter schools – and it’s been a disaster.  Sure maybe there are a whole lot more factors involved in our plummeting educational outcomes for three decades but what have conservatives done to improve the outcomes of our public education system?  Nothing!!!!   Oh, wait: does expelling elementary school kids for drawing guns in black and yellow crayon count? Such idiocy.  It’s embarrassing.  I mean we should have known what was up when Presidential candidate William Bennett proposed abolishing the Department of Education.  The conservative agenda in education has accomplished nothing but the fortuitous decline of our educational attainment standards compared to England, France, Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Latvia  (Latvia? Is this a mistake?) and virtually every other country in the Western – and some not so Western - world.  Enough.  End it.  I’ve had it. 

Read this Washington Post article and then – if you are as sick and tired of having these crazy fools impose shit on us, forcing their ignorance on the rest of us – write your Senators and Representatives, call them, do the same with your state legislators, sign petitions, post stuff to Facebook, talk this up with your friends and families, do whatever you can to stop this ridiculousness before our children are subjected to even more years of this kind of destructive nonsense.         

In 1995, the U.S. ranked second behind New Zealand in graduate output among 19 OECD countries with comparable data. In 2010, it ranked 13th among 25 countries with comparable data. Though the higher education graduation rate in the U.S. grew from 33 percent to 38 percent over this time frame, the increase paled in comparison to that of its OECD peers, whose graduation rates on average nearly doubled from 20 percent to 39 percent.

Think about this for a moment:  in 1995, 17 years ago, we ranked second; today we rank 13th.  Enough said? 


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