My Early Morning Revelation RE: Speaking One's Mind

“I Think She’s Got It!” Said Rex Harrison to Eliza Doolittle

With the loss of Congresswoman Bachmann’s entertaining national road show performances come next year, I thought it might be useful to take a moment to analyze the underpinnings of her and her like minded Tea Bagger’s popularity.   One of the comments praising the good Congresswoman is that she “speaks her mind.”  And I accept this assertion as true.  For me however, I picture her mind as a kind of mental cranberry bog that year after year bears no fruit; a soggy, wet and barren field of dreams turned into a nightmare scenario worthy of a Quentin Tarantino flick.  Am I alone in finding it a scary prospect to think that this where her pronouncements are born?  Thinking about it a bit longer though, I suppose this is the same positive sentiment right wingers and Tea Baggers hold towards Rush and Glenn and all those other “pundits” who pollute the airwaves these days with their untruthful, lying, crazy, ranting, vitriolic pronouncements.   I mean if you’ve ever heard Glenn Beck go on and on and on about the Black Panther/Nazi Party roots of the Obama Administration - with diagrams no less - you have to wonder exactly on what planet this man lives;  it cannot be Planet Earth.  

But it occurs to me that my analysis of the speech of the right wing’s most famous cheerleaders misses the point of Michelle’s, Rush’s and Glenn’s popularity among a fairly substantial swath of the American public.  And, yes, one can say that it’s the “low information” segment of the public but still that’s a whole lot of people.  It’s not that Michelle et al are espousing brilliantly cogent views filled with thought provoking analysis (they aren’t) but from their audiences’ point of view it is the simple fact that they “speak his/her/their mind(s)” that’s important. They, unlike the liberal media pundits, Obama, Nancy and Harry, et al are honestly expressing the thoughts that form in their heads.   For some reason even after years of hearing this praise (has it really been less than five years since Obama was first elected?  Seems like we’ve been listening to this crap for a generation.) about their straightforwardness, honesty and “tell it like it is” character of speech that pours forth endlessly, it didn’t strike me until today what this is all about.  Seriously.   Maybe I’m just slow when it comes to recognizing stupidity for what it is, but suddenly today it just struck me: “Ahhhhhh….” I said to myself in an awesome firestorm of revelatory grace. “So That’s It!!!!”  To whit: 


This, I now understand, is simply the alpha and omega, the beginning, middle and end, of what they are talking about.   No more.  All you have to do is think about the phrase itself -  “they speak their minds” - as it stands in all its simple yet glorious stark reality.  Don’t analyze, don’t parse, don’t attempt to research the etymologies, or pick apart the phrase’s structure, nor attempt to figure out what the metaphor really means.  No!  

Just read the phrase again and then stop.  Don’t think. Just stop- no additional thought (let your brain take a momentary break) - and you have the answer. 


See? Easy isn’t it?  This is the cosmic answer that dawned on me this morning like a comet rushing though my brain cleansing it of a lifetime of extraneous clutter.   What the right wingers mean when they praise someone for “speaking his/her/their minds” is just that – from their lips spews forth WORDS, the “truth” meaning that what is being said (no matter how flaky or ridiculous we might consider it) is precisely what the speaker was thinking a millisecond prior to uttering whatever inanity it is he/she has uttered.  No! No! Don’t go there yet.  Just hold this picture in your mind for a nanosecond:  the neurons flashing, the electrically encoded message travelling down nerve branches and neural pathways to signal the vocal cords into action.  Suddenly: Speech!

Yes!  See?  Now you’ve got it!!!!! Just like Eliza Doolittle in “My Fair Lady.” 

It was only this morning that I realized that when Minnesota’s Tea Bagger Congressional Representative Bachmann says “Our founding fathers worked tirelessly to end slavery” she was SPEAKING HER MIND!  She was speaking the truth: yes, admittedly “her truth,” a peculiar form of truth plucked, perhaps, out of the ether surrounding Planet Earth as the Greeks once envisioned, letting the words flow, allowing the electrical impulses to jet unimpeded by analysis or scrutiny from brain to vocal cords to then enter our ears with no PC filter lets say.  Pure, unadulterated mind-speak so to speak.  I mean in this day and age of the meaningless utterances that pass for wisdom and insight, what more can you ask of a public official?  The gentle lady from Minnesota is just being honest in her beliefs  (of course I do shudder at the nature of the “mind” that produces these beliefs) and for right wingers it goes no further.  I repeat:


The very fact that she is SPEAKING HER MIND is all that matters.  Does it matter that she is speaking demonstrable “untruths” as it relates to American history?  Ummmm. No.  When Glenn says that the Obama Administration is filled with secret Black Panther/Communist infiltrators does it matter to the right wing that there is not a shred of factual basis for his thesis?  No, of course not. And why?  Well, as per my great revelation this morning (it’s a gloomy Sunday – has this influenced my thinking?) the truth of any statement, the basis for any pronouncement, the facts that support Rush’s, Glenn’s and Michelle’s utterances matters not a whit.  WHY?  Because:


Before today, it never occurred to me that these fools were being praised for simply uttering their thoughts no matter how dumb, stupid, or abjectly false they might be.   It’s enough for the conservative set that they are very un-PC-like in their utterances, filtering and holding back nothing no matter how racist, bigoted, hurtful or inappropriate -  political correctness being some socialistic plot to take their guns away thereby paving the way for the blue-helmeted UN troop takeover.  (Or some such conspiratorial scenario.)  It only matters that the red blooded true Americans, the only patriots, the fighters for freedom and democracy are letting it all hang out:  that “they are speaking their minds.”   This whole  “power to truth” thing has to end sooner than later or we will go the way of Nazi Germany in the 1930’s. 

On the other hand I do kinda understand the praise of “speaking one’s mind” as a counter to our politically correct language and inoffensive speech patterns we are prone to adopt.  Tell me this: how many times have you wanted to turn around and shout at the person sitting behind you in a movie theater:  “WOULD YOU STOP RATTLING THE FUCKING POPCORN BAG SO I CAN HEAR THE GOD-DAMN MOVIE!  ASSHOLE!  Of course.  And therein lies, I gently suggest, the rationale that underlies the praise for  “Speaking One’s Mind.”  

Have a good day!


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